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TUDOR, M., and ZVONARIC, T. 1990. An Analysis of Mercury Levels in the Kastela Bay. CPP/1988-1989/YU/Doc.3C. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 46. ENG

Due to several decades of discharging into the Kastela Bay, mercury is one of the most significant pollutants of the sea in the bay. This paper presents the results of the study of the distribution of mercury in the water and eco-systems of the Kastela Bay, and gives recommendations for further research.

GACIC, M., ALFIREVIC, S., BARIC, A., GRBEC, B., JUKIC, S., KACIC, I., KOVACEVIC, V., KRSTULOVIC, N., MARASOVIC, I., MARGETA, J., PUCHNER-PETKOVIC, T., REGNER, D., REGNER, S., and TUDOR, M. 1989. The Natural Characteristics of the Sea Water in the Kastela Bay and the Impacts of the Waste Waters. CPP/1988-89/YU/Doc.2. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 131. ENG

Physical and biological characteristics of the Kastela Bay are presented on the basis of data collected over many years of research done continuously since 1930s at the Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries in Split. The paper analyses the characteristics of spatial and time distribution of phytoplankton, zooplankton and bacterioplankton, as well as indicators of faecal pollution, especially with regard to the assimilative capacity of the bay as a whole, and of its eastern part. Some chemical parameters are also analysed as indicators of eutrophication processes, using the hitherto collected data. Special attention was paid to the analysis of mercury contents in the sea water, sediment and marine organisms, since considerable quantities of that element have been discharged into this area over the last 30 years. on the basis of analyses and research, measures are proposed for the mitigation of negative effects of the pollution of the bay.


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