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CAMP : CAMP Lebanon

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MEHDI, S. 2004. Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) Lebanon: Final Integrated Report. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. x + 253.

(Download CAMP Lebanon Final Report.pdf / 4048 kb)


Mehdi, S. 2004. CAMP Lebanon: Final report for Damour. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 64

(Download DAMOUR ENGLISH REPORT.pdf / 704kb)


Mehdi, S. 2004. CAMP Lebanon: Final report for Naqoura. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 56

(Download NAQOURA ENGLISH.pdf / 868kb)


Mehdi, S. 2004. CAMP Lebanon: Final report for Sarafand. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 54

(Download SARAFAND ENGLISH.pdf / 938kb)


ARD. 2003. CAMP Lebanon: Integrated Water Resources Management in CAMP area with demonstrations in Damour, Sarafand and Naqoura municipalities; Final Report. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. xii + 113.

(Download IWRM Final report.pdf /1,7MB)


Owaygen, M. 2003. CAMP Lebanon: Tourism and Sustainable Development; Final Report. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 63

(Download Tourism FINAL Report.pdf / 1.36 MB)


El-Masri, S. 2003. CAMP Lebanon: Cultural heritage component; Final Report. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 40.

(Download Coastal Area Management Plan Final report.pdf / 241kb)

MAP CAMP Lebanon: Inception Report, PAP/RAC, 2002, Split, pp. 54. ENG

(Download Inception Report.doc / 1748 kb)

MAP-PAP-RAC. 2000. Agreement relative to the Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) – the project for Lebanon: Summary  

(Download CAMP Lebanon Agreement_Summary.pdf/322kb)


PAP/RAC. 1999. Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) Lebanon; Feasibility Study.

(Download CAMP Lebanon Feasibility Study.pdf/760kb)


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