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PAP/RAC. 2000. River Cetina Watershed and the Adjacent Coastal Area: Environmental and Socio-Economic Profile. Split: PAP/RAC. pp viii + 176. ENG/CRO
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The methodological approach applied during the analysis of the environmental and socio-economic profile of the Cetina River is based on the model of the integrated management of its basin and coastal area which constitute a unique spatial, functional and natural whole. This study was prepared within the PAP/UNEP project on ICARM in order to apply in practice the principles of the Conceptual Framework and Planning Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Area and River Basin Management to issues concerning the Cetina basin and its adjacent coastal area. Its objectives were to identify the major problems relating to the development of the Cetina basin and to establish and prioritise the means to their solution; to identify the basic conflicts in this area and define their resolutions; to propose an institutional framework that would meet the need for the establishment of a long-term basin management; and to provide support to the local administrative units in the preparation of the integrated river basin area management strategy and develop the respective planing and managerial instruments.

PAP/RAC. 2000. Report of the Workshop on Integrated Coastal Area and River Basin Management (Toulon, January 10 to 12, 2000). PAP-4/ICARM/2000/W.1. Split: PAP/RAC. pp 147. ENG/FRA

COCCOSSIS, H., BURT, T., and WEIDE, VAN DER, J. 1999. Conceptual Framework and Planning Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Area and River Basin Management/Cadre conceptuel et directives pour la gestion intégrée du littoral et des bassins fluviaux. Split: PAP/RAC. pp xii + 78. ENG/FRA

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This document should be seen as a general tool while detailed descriptions of natural processes, human activities and their interactions can be found in specialised scientific literature. The document has two parts. The first part presents a conceptual framework for Integrated Coastal Area and River Basin Management, based on the hydrological, geochemical, ecological and socio-economic linkages between the river basins and coastal areas, while the second part presents practical procedures for achieving the ICARM goals. The Guidelines provide a conceptual framework for initiating plans and can be used also on a selective basis for specific aspects of integrated coastal area and river basin management.


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