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PAP/RAC. 1994. General Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment of Lagoon-Like Mariculture Projects/Directives générales pour l'évaluation de l'impact sur l'environnement des projets d'aquaculture en milieux lagunaires. PA-12/1994/GG.3. Split: PAP/RAC. pp 17. ENG/FRA/CRO

After describing the main features of Mediterranean lagoon ecosystems, the document discusses various possible impacts of lagoon mariculture on the marine environment, particularly referring to: water quality, sediment, benthic macro fauna, algal growth, natural wildlife habitat, local currents and water flow, landscape value, public health, recreation activities, noise pollution and odors, navigation, and commercial fishing, In conclusion, the document proposes measures which need to be taken to prevent, reduce or eliminate negative impacts, as well as the contents of EIA report which has to be produced prior to setting up an aquaculture project in lagoon environments.


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