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Priority actions : Coastal erosion in the Mediterranean

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Report of the Expert Meeting "Towards Mediterranean Regional Strategy on Coastal Erosion: Benefiting from the EUROSION Project" (Nicosia, March 16 - 17, 2006). Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 23

(Download CoastalErosion-Cyprus06-Report-1.pdf / 186kb)


Özhan, E. 2002. Coastal Erosion Management in the Mediterranean: An overview. Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 26.

(Download COASTAL EROSION IN MED Ozhan.doc / 254kb)


Expert meeting on coastal erosion (Split, January 10-11, 2002) REPORT Split: PAP/RAC. pp. 26.

(Download Coastal-erosion-01-02-Report-web.doc / 193kb)


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