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MAP-PAP/RAC.2015. Assessment of Coastal Area Management programme (CAMP)

(CAMP Assessment EN.pdf / 1,33 MB)
UNEP/MAP/PAP/METAP: Coastal Area Management Programmes: Improving the Implementation. Split, Priority Actions Programme, 2002.

(Download : CAMP: Improving the Implementation.pdf / 3313kb)
(Download : Améliorer la mise en ouvre des programmes d'aménagement côtier.pdf / 3251kb)

PAP/RAC. 2001. MAP Coastal Area Management Programme: Strategic Framework for the Future / Programme d’aménagement côtier du PAM: Un cadre stratégique pour l'avenir. Split : PAP/RAC. pp. 27. ENG/FRA

(Download Strategic Framework.doc / 408 kb)
(Download cadre stratégique.doc / 303 kb)


PAVASOVIÆ, A. 1999. Formulation and Implementation of CAMP Projects: Operational Manual / Formulation et mise oeuvre des projects du PAC: Guide pratique. Split: MAP - PAP/RAC. pp ix + 86. ENG/FRA

(Download Formulation of CAMPs - Manual.pdf / 2208 kb)
(Download Formulation du PAC - Guide.pdf / 1738 kb)

The objective of this Manual is to provide guidance to MAP staff, national and local authorities and other involved in the process of formulation and implementation of CAMP projects, as well as in activities after the projects completion. The Manual presents in details the process of projects formulation and implementation. The stages of the process are: initiation, formulation, implementation, and the follow-up. The Manual presents principles and practical recommendations related to: implementation of projects; establishment of the relevant institutional arrangements; funding and finical procedures; monitoring, evaluation and reporting; role of actors, and structure of the main project outputs and documents, and their formats. The Manual presents a number of innovative approaches with regard to the previous practice: a) the number of individual project activities is restricted to those dealing with priority issues only, and to those which are capable to be integrated at the project level; b) there are some basic activities envisaged as mandatory ones at the project level: database, the participatory programme, Systemic Sustainability Analysis, the integration procedure; c) the integration procedure is to be applied at the level of individual projects and at the Programme level; d) a shorter project implementation period is envisaged; e) follow-up activities are envisaged as mandatory; f) CAMP projects' results are to be used as inputs into local and national development policies; g) the CAMP projects' procedure, outputs and their formats are harmonised with those used by other international agencies and institutions, that are implementing integrated coastal area management programmes (WB, METAP, GEF, EU, UNDP, etc.); h) achievement indicators are introduced; and i) a detailed description of the role of individual actors is presented.


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